Producing green energy for cleaner tomorrow

Evecon develops wind farms solar and energy parks in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

1500 GW
Total development pipeline
Will cover energy needs for 540 000 households
Solar parks developed
By the end of 2024 – 1465 MW
Wind farms
By the end of 2026 – 1200 MW
Energy parks
By the end of 2026 – 1200 MW

Why are we investing in renewables?

We are motivated by clean and preserved Estonian landscape. We can only keep it as it is for future generations if we move to renewable energy sources. Our aim is to support green transition to tackle climate change.

Solar parks

Solar is one of the most sustainable and accessible energy sources. Since 2020 we have completed development and construction of more than 40MW of solar capacity. We have more than 744MW of ongoing projects around Estonia in different municipalities which will be completed by the end of 2024. We are also working to incorporate storage systems to provide electricity when the sun is not shining.

Wind farms

Estonia needs to significantly increase sustainable energy production to withdraw from fossil fuel energy and guarantee energy security. As a country we are aiming to increase renewable energy market share to 42%.

So far Estonia has around 320MW of onshore wind farms. Evecon pipeline of onshore wind farms in Estonia consists of more than 20 projects with production capacity over 600MW. Production from these farms helps us a lot closer to our green transition goals.

Estonia is aiming to produce as much as 9500 GWh of renewable energy to match our consumption. To reach this goal more than 7000GWh of renewable energy needs to be produced. Most of it must come from wind farms so it is a necessity to develop at least 1GW of onshore wind farms.