Solar energy

Solar energy is one of the more sustainable energy sources

Evecon has commissioned more than 62 MW of solar parks since 2020. From 2022 we are developing more than 1 100 MW of solar parks around Estonia that will be commissioned within 2025.

On selected solar parks we are incorporating storage systems to provide solar energy when the sun is not shining.

Committed to cooperation

Evecon has built and is continuing to build its success on developing energy solutions with and for our partners. We are only considering the best available technological solutions and best practices to reduce our ecological footprint. The speed of our developments and growth testaments our commitment and loyalty to our partners.

Solar parks and environment

In addition to clear energy we have welcomed beekeepers to farm in and around our parks. We will provide beekeepers with requisite fauna within our parks to diversify the natural habitat.

Our team and partners continue in welcoming and developing any activities that will improve the habitat within and near our parks so we could further minimise our ecological footprint and provide for communities next to renewable assets.