Wind energy

Wind energy is reliable and sustainable way to meet demands of growing energy needs.

What is required to build a wind farm?

To erect one turbine, it requires suitable land where it does not disturb residents or interfere with natural habitat. Of course, favourable wind conditions are expected. Wind at least 5-6 m/s is suitable for wind production. 

Evecon develops hybrid power stations for the majority of the parks

In hybrid power stations, wind turbines, together with additional battery parks, are connected to the same connection point. Such parks enable energy echo, allowing to release energy when consumers want it. This makes it possible to fix the irregularity caused by the variability of renewable energy and contribute more to climate neutrality. 

Wind farms will have effect on environment, but our planning aims to have as little of impact as possible for residents and habitat.


Blades generate sizzle that is unavoidable. Most powerful blades can be heard for up to 700m. Our turbine locations are chosen to be as far away from residents as possible. 


Before construction comprehensive environmental impact assessment will be carried out to minimise the impact. As a result, production hours, technical setup can be limited or location has to be changed. 


Planning considers migratory aspects and feeding patterns of natural habitat. 

To avoid birds hitting the blades, they can be designed in bright colours. 

Wind farms are decorative elements

View from 1km
View from 3km

Wind farm planning process:

Residents are included from the start to minimise the effect on communities.

Special planning allows to find a solution that considers all parties interest.

Local municipality special planning divides into location suitability assessment and detailed solution. 

Location suitability assessment aim is to specify locations of windmills in planning area. Detailed planning specifies number of generators, technical parameters, and layout of the wind farm. Additional detailed environmental impact will be assessed.