WiSo Engineering signed a representative agreement for the Baltic region with TEK Transformatör, the leading transformer manufacturer in Turkey

WiSo Engineering, the builder of energy parks and facilities, signed a representation rights agreement for the Baltic and Nordic region with TEK Transformatör, the leading transformer manufacturer in Turkey, which will create additional opportunities for the construction and reconstruction of energy parks and distribution networks in this region, as well as contribute to the implementation of national renewable energy goals.

‘TEK Transformatör has been engaged in the production and sale of distribution transformers for over 40 years and is a rising player in the world of transformers. Becoming the factory’s official sales representative in this region is an important step for WiSo Engineering, because as a renewable energy main contracting company, we will now also be involved in the resale of very important and high-quality products in the field of energy,’ said Madis Anni, Procurement Manager of WiSo Engineering.


According to Madis Anni, transformers are an important part of the electrical network, and are mostly used in distribution networks, industries, renewable energy facilities. Transformers convert high voltage to low voltage (and vice versa) so that electricity reaches everyone’s homes, as well as industries, hospitals, and other places.


‘The transformer market has been changing rapidly since 2018. This was caused by the big boom in renewable energy, electrification, large investments in transmission and distribution networks, rising prices, and availability of commodities, as well as geopolitical tensions,’ explained Madis Anni. ‘The situation has improved a little so far, but demand continues to be high and there is no sign of a decrease in demand in the near future.’


In Europe, the demand for new transformers is affected by the modernisation of existing energy systems and the replacement of old equipment, the development of industry, and the constant addition of new renewable energy production units.


According to Madis Anni, the first TEK transformers arrived in Estonia at the beginning of 2023. ‘As a local sales representative, we make sure that the factory is maximally represented in the region. This, in turn, gives the energy park developers and network companies here one more strong manufacturer to consider when choosing transformers and to involve in tenders. The factory has also recently received a quality certificate from the KEMA laboratory, guaranteeing the end customer the proper functioning of the product and top technical quality,’ he said.


WiSo Engineering (www.wiso.ee) builds energy facilities for farmers, industries, trade, and other companies whose annual consumption ranges from a few hundred megawatt-hours to several tens of gigawatt hours. WiSo Engineering offers a turnkey solution, state-of-the-art technology, facility maintenance, operation management, and main contracting for energy park developers.